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David Lee Roth Explain Van Halen’s “Tattoo” Story

Few days in the past David Lee Roth Explains Van Halen’s “Tattoo” . Van Halen’s David Lee Roth has issued a brand new video because the singer and stocks his inspiration for the lyrics to “Tattoo’s.”


Launched closing week, the music is the primary unmarried off VH’s imminent album, “A Other Type Of Fact”, due February 7.

The parents at spin kindly summed up the video for the ones folks with shorter consideration spans announcing “Roth, in his now-patented overalls, talks concerning the Elvis tattoo his uncle had that impressed the only’s opening strains, plus the evolution of Crayola crayons (‘Explodo Crimson, nice identify for a colour.

 I’m now not even certain what colour that in reality is, I simply understand it’s a perfect identify’) and what kind of the ink needle hurts.” Roth says getting inked “is a ceremony of passage, as it in point of fact forces you to believe what’s everlasting to you. What’s it you in point of fact need to keep in mind?”


“Tattoo” enters the Billboard Rock Songs chart this week at #16, with four.6 million target audience impressions on 78 stations, consistent with Nielsen BDS.

Van Halen’s 2012 excursion kicks off February 18 in Louisville, Kentucky.

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