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Felix & Loretta Leu: Berber Tattooing in Morocco’s Middle Atlas


Crafted by the use of Felix & Loretta Leu, Berber Tattooing in Morocco’s Middle Atlas is an improbable account of the lives of the female tattooers in Morocco. Dropped at life with illustrations by the use of Aia Leu and edited by the use of Joanna Kate Grant the information opens up a brand spanking new and tasty unseen world of Berber tattoo traditions…

1.Berber Tattooing cover

Berber Tattooing is a unique and comfy file of the tribal pores and pores and skin paintings of Morocco’s Middle Atlas and the female tattooers who created it. Felix and Loretta Leu’s freeway trip in 1988 consisted of a series of chance encounters. Each regarded as one in all which opened a doorway into the intimate world of the women of the Berber tribes.

In this information, the women tell their particular person stories, revealing the traditions of the tattoo in their custom, in conjunction with insights into the lives that they led.

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Sensitively captured in drawings from the time, by the use of Aia Leu, the faces of the Berber women communicate of a tribal custom that used to be as soon as fast disappearing, even then. As tattoo artists themselves, Felix and Loretta have been ready to find a no longer peculiar floor with the Berber families, gaining strange get right of entry to into this moderately documented Berber paintings form.

This information of prior to now unpublished artwork, gathered near to thirty years prior to now is a tribute, to the paintings of tattoo, to customized, to family and to love.

7.Hajah pencil on paper 32 x 2 4cm Aia Leu 1989

Hajah pencil on paper, 32 x 24 cm, Aia Leu 1989.


Loretta being hand tattooed by the use of Fatima using the approach taught her by the use of her mother.

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2.Loretta Leu with tattooist Aicha Bent Hamadi in 1988

Loretta Leu with tattooist Aicha Bent Hamadi in 1988

Regarding the authors:

Felix & Loretta Leu, every born in 1945, have been artists, “freaks”, and adventurers. From 1965, after they met in New York The city, until 1978, they travelled and lived in The U.S., Europe, North Africa, India and Nepal, and in time have been accompanied by the use of four kids, who have been all born on the freeway. In 1978 they found out tattooing as an paintings form, one with which they may fortify their family any place on the earth. In 1981 they chose to settle in Switzerland where they created The Leu Family’s Family Iron Tattoo Studio. Felix died of maximum cancers in 2002. Loretta, lives in Switzerland, walks in fields and forests in conjunction with her two dog, and is writing a history of her life with Felix.

Swiss artist Aia Leu used to be as soon as born in 1971, the daughter of Felix and Loretta and the granddaughter of Eva Aeppli, she used to be as soon as born in an earlier finca on the little Island of Formentera (Baleares). She lives in conjunction with her family inside the mountains of Kenmare, Ireland. Aia is just lately working on a series of oil artwork for a two-woman exhibition planned with Titine K-Leu, and as well as illustrating a 78 oracle deck inspired by the use of ‘Thoth Journey’ a information by the use of JoannaKate Grant.

8.Aia Leu and Loretta Leu

Aia Leu and Loretta Leu, 2017

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