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Interview with Kerste Dixon

27-year-old tattoo artist Kerste Diston creates superbly abstract watercolour tattoos at her tattoo studio, The Drawing Room in Coventry.  We chatted to Kerste about her style, and running an absolutely female tattoo retailer

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How long have you ever ever been tattooing? I’ve been tattooing spherical seven years.

How did you get beganI started as an apprentice at a studio in my area town in Rugby where I worked for about four years.

What drew you to the tattoo worldIts always something I’ve been thinking about. As soon as I grew to turn out to be 18 I was in studios getting art work performed. I’ve always been further thinking about creative industries. I did sneakers design at uni previous than getting my apprenticeship and I did paintings in school. I will be able to’t imagine not doing something creative as a occupation.

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How long have you ever ever been a studio owner? How did it all come about? I’ve had my own studio for nearly two years. It merely roughly took place – I left the studio I worked at in my area town in Rugby and I got to work in Coventry. I had an old school friend who has their own business at Fargo Village where my studio is based totally completely. When I spotted him posting on social media footage of Fargo I was intrigued. It’s a village for creative business and I thought that it would be the very best imaginable place for a studio. They idea a tattooist would fit in smartly they usually had a small unit available. My mum and dad impressed me to move for it and set off on my own! I’m not sure I would possibly have had the confidence without them to do it. On the other hand it’s without a doubt the best desicion I made. I opened in Would possibly 2016, and it started as a small private studio with merely me. In Would possibly 2017 we expanded into next door and now we have now myself and four other entire time artists.

Ally Sparham: Tattooed Freelance Administrative Assistant

Who works in The Drawing Room and what types of tattoos do they deviseWe now have myself who specialises in abstract watercolour and black art work. Hanah who does super beautiful girly neotrad art work, Emily our apprentice who does blackwork and Haley who does minimilist blackwork

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Was once as soon as it your purpose to have an absolutely female retailer? To be honest it merely roughly took place and now it’s a issue. Most other folks have a maximum frequently female purchaser base too because of the best way of work we do so it all merely roughly fits. That’s not to say if the right artist were given right here to me looking for a role and was once as soon as a person I’d turn them down! It merely happens that everyone so far that’s been correct for us has been female! We also have moderately a large number of customer artists – we seem to have made this popularity where women like to go back customer too, which is lovely! Such a large amount of other people think a big staff of ladies can be bitchy on the other hand in truth the studio is the complete opposite of that – it’s this type of lovely place to art work and I’m so satisfied to have the staff I do!

How would you describe your style? Has this changed? I do maximum frequently rainbow watercolour art work, on the other hand I’ve branched off into doing darker blackwork. It’s nevertheless moderately abstract nevertheless it certainly’s merely unfold out some further doors for me art work sensible!

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Do you prefer colour or blackwork? Is there the remainder you would in reality like to tattoo? I like each and every colour and blackwork in a similar way – it’s nice to wreck problems up each and every so steadily If I’ve had every week of all colour art work and a blackwork piece is to be had in that’s nice and vice versa! Helps to keep problems eye-catching! I love to tattoo all problems nerdy/ponies and animals maximum frequently!

Ally Sparham: Tattooed Freelance Administrative Assistant

Do you may have any conventions plannedJust one further this 12 months – Scarborough in Would possibly. We would most likely look into a few further towards the highest of the 12 months despite the fact that.

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