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Interview with Lucy O’Connell

Lucy O’Connell creates surprising tattoos filled with colour and persona at Pink Tattoo and Piercing in Leeds, UK. We chat to  Lucy about her evolving style and inspirations…


What made you need to turn into a tattoo artist?started drawing tattoo designs for friends who were older than me when I was spherical 14. And through doing doodles for them, which I now realise is one of the most irritating issue to download as a tattooer, because of I knew no longer the rest regarding the fundamentals of tattoo design, I realised I might simply do this for a living after I started to do further research. Fortunately tattoos were further to be had in terms of media. I would possibly acquire all the magazines available from my area and then transfer and look up the artists.

What do you favor most about your procedureI truly like such a large amount of aspects of my procedure. I truly like rising my observe, the ability to share ideas and consult with people I love, running on a shifting canvas is perpetually a drawback. I merely truly really feel like I’m studying always, on the other hand I moreover like talking to new people about their research in existence. And at the moment I’m actually taking a look to give myself a shove to build up myself further, I give myself a troublesome time such a lot.


What evokes your artwork and drawings? The whole lot. In recent times I’m taking a look to look further into myths and out of date stories to inspire me, on the other hand I’ll in all probability sit down on them for a while as they’re such epic tales I would like a while to ponder it previous to I know how to fight it. Nature has such a lot to play. Regardless of I’m taking a look at can have an impact, or just my mood generally. I to seek out if I’m struggling I’ll watch Attenborough or transfer to a gallery. Merely kind of soak something new in.

What would you love to tattoo? Like I mentioned previous to I’d like to sink my teeth into some myths and legends. Most likely some non secular stuff too from all faiths. Norse gods are actually attention-grabbing. I think subject material that’s means higher than me so I will be able to check out get awayof my comfort zone. And at all times birds.

take a look at those stunnoing and beautifull tattoos as smartly.




Do you are going to have any designs that you just actually want to do? I’ve got a large number of designs I wanna tattoo, I keep a majority in rather e-book and take them in all places with me, and the huge ones don’t frequently get a space in order that they in the end finally end up getting painted. I’m struggling more than ever to get rid of stuff I draw, which I will be able to’tdecide if that’s me, social media or brexit. I’ll keep attempting.

How would you describe your styleIt’s a warfare of numerous problems. I will be able to’trather put a definition on it, I’m in most cases categorised as neo-traditional on the other hand I wouldn’t put myself there. I think neo-traditional strains were blurred. I kind of think I’m a pop culture, neo-trad, art work nouveau warfare.


Is it truthful to say that it is been evolving latelyI hope so, I’m taking a look to evolve always on the other hand I’m very acutely aware of it, at the moment. Since the first convention of the year I’ve had a hearth lit beneath me that makes me want to push myself somewhere that’s now not so at ease. Alternatively I hope everyone likes it or can see I’m attempting.

What kind of trail do you need to take your artwork in? I’d like to go intoa further layered type of my artwork. And making everything further animated. I’m moreover attempting to take in mild belongings. We’ll see what happens.




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