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Interview with Ruslan & Tonya

26-year-old Tonya and 29-year-old Ruslan are tattooers from Russia. The couple artwork together in their personal studio Abusev Tattoo in Moscow. We speak about to Tonya about their unique style of tattooing…


When we’re not tattooing at our studio we shuttle spherical Europe, briefly we’ll be working in Barcelona, then Istanbul and Berlin.

We started our tattoo collaboration over five years up to now in Russia. Since then our tattooing has made over into what we identify BIOGRAFIKA. It isn’t a technique it is further like a method to see form and composition on human body. We each and every tattoo in black and color ink, despite the fact that I maximum usually experience taking part in spherical with my colours and Ruslan likes to persist with black.

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We each and every artwork on the composition of a tattoo, rising its shapes and bureaucracyEven if I experience the usage of colour  in my artwork, I do consider Ruslan that black fits perfect on pores and pores and skin.

Inspiration is what makes our collaboration so explicit. We inspire each other to be upper people, upper artists, upper tattooers! Operating together is not always easy, it takes a lot of staying power, and a really perfect will to create something truly unique! We always try to raise something new into each and every tattoo endeavor.

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It is gorgeous hard to provide an explanation for how we met and the way in which we started tattooing together, then again each of our lives had wild twists quicker than future presented us together. Ruslan used to be as soon as working as a certified tattooer when I came upon him, he did a cover-up for me, and it all went from there – it’s our crazy story!


One who you would really like to look in a movie. I truly love the place we have now reached thus far, it’s a glad existence of two tattooers that on no account let each other get bored. Tattoos presented pastime into my existence. And from what I see, each and every tattoo we create brings a brand spanking new existence chapter to the person wearing it.



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