Manchester Science Festival: You Have Been Upgraded

  You Have Been Upgraded, a reside convention responding to theme of Long term Our bodies. Taking a look at how we make a choice to improve our sensory and bodily selves,... Read more »

Photography: Leigh Schneider

32-year-old Leigh Schneider is an artwork photographer from New Zealand, who now lives in Germany  along with her husband and their cat-dog. Offered to black and white movie pictures at highschool, Leigh learnt the fundamentals and... Read more »

Spirit of Art: Exploring Tattoos and Bartending

September 19, 2018 Giffard are a french emblem of liqueurs and syrups which are allotted all over the place the sector in cocktail bars, eating places and motels. Since 2015, Giffard were exploring... Read more »

Sugar & Vice: All Things Nice

Issues&Ink met up with Sarah, proprietor of knickknack logo Sugar & Vice to speak tattoos, inspiration and pizza…   How did you get into jewelry making? Making jewelry was once in truth one... Read more »

Interview with Tattoo Artist Hannah Mai

We chatted to 24-year-old Hannah Mai who works at Fortunate Rabbit Tattoo Cult in Birmingham about her stylised tattoos, love for Disney and trip plans…   How lengthy have you ever been tattooing? I’ve been tattooing... Read more »

Beautiful Finger Tattoo For Women

Beautiful Finger Tattoo For Women Finger tattoos are becoming very popular in these days, especially to those who are art lovers out there. Moreover, there are a lot of individuals all over... Read more »

NYC: Ladies Ladies Art Show

  Girls, Girls Global staff artwork display that includes greater than 50 feminine artists from the tattoo international! Sept 15th to Oct seventh, 2018 MF Gallery: 213 Bond St. Brooklyn, New York... Read more »

Charlie Wagner & Sam O’Reilly Flash Sheets Auctioned

Six unique tattoo flash artwork sheets attributed to to 2 of The usa’s earliest tattoo artists, Charlie Wagner (1875-1953) and Sam O’Reilly (1854-1909), convey a blended sale of $41,375 at Ripley Auctions, USA on... Read more »

The Black Hat Tattoo

Dublin reserves a heat welcome and a pint of Guinness to everybody who crosses the ocean to find the rustic. This multi-cultural, festive and pleasant surroundings has noticed Dublin develop into one of the... Read more »


  Because of balk and in addition its ammunition, the .22LR cartridge remains to be rather most probably the only rifle cartridge in the world. In truth that many shooters seem to... Read more »