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Lionel Fahy Tattoos

Tattoo artist Lionel Fahy is co-founder of the Parisian store Les Derniers Trappeurs (LDT). A graduate of the Orleans Institute of Visible Arts in France, he has been developing illustrative drawings and tattoos for 20 years.


My taste is DREAMLIKE. Stuffed with goals, hope, needs, secrets and techniques, double readings, and protecting symbols. It does no longer meet any of the criteria of vintage tattooing, it is minimalist and stylised.

I really like the paintings I create. I’m fortunate in comparison to many different artists. My consumers come from the 4 corners of the arena to get tattooed by means of me. To get one thing in my taste and I’m so thankful.

My largest influences are my consumers, my children, my spouse in existence Tal and a few books, and museums. I’m impressed by means of my paintings as a duo artist with Tal. You’ll see our paintings on our weblog.


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Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 18.18.52

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