Felix & Loretta Leu: Berber Tattooing in Morocco’s Middle Atlas

  Crafted by the use of Felix & Loretta Leu, Berber Tattooing in Morocco’s Middle Atlas is an improbable account of the lives of the female tattooers in Morocco. Dropped at life with... Read more »

Interview with Joaquin Ardiles-Joaquin Ardiles tattoos

Because of song is in itself an paintings, it comes as no wonder that such a large amount of involved inside the trade also have an affinity for tattoo custom. 31-year-old guitarist Joaquin... Read more »

Tattoos Designs-Beautiful and Cute Mermaid Tattoos Designs and Ideas

Stunning and Adorable Mermaid Tattoos Designs and Concepts   Mermaid tattoos: Have you ever nonetheless bear in mind any of story tale that informed via your folks earlier than slumbering, while you... Read more »

50 plus Cute Dog Tattoo Ideas

Easiest and Lovely Canine Tattoo Concepts Samuel O’Reilly is the primary inventor of a tattoo gadget. He invented it in 1800. It used to be according to Tom Edison’s engraving mouse. Supply... Read more »
tattoo ideas for mosaic

Tattoo Ideas & Inspiration – mosaic tattoo

What’s a tattoo? A tattoo is an ink design added into the surface, typically with the assistance of a needle. This process has prehistoric roots, it’s been utilized by folks for hundreds... Read more »

Geometric Tattoos

Geometric Tattoos The human eye loves distinction and patterns. Possibly our knack for spotting patterns helped us alongside in our primitive years. Geometric tattoos for guys and ladies excite this historic intuition... Read more »

Rook Piercing: Pain, Price & Aftercare Tips (with 55 Examples)

In spite of rising in popularity through the years, there’s a lot that individuals have no idea about piercing and the aftercare. There are more than a few issues that your piercer... Read more »

Tattoos – Designs and Ideas (2018)-Glowing tattoos in dark

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Lil Peep Most Painful Tattoos And Their Meanings

 Lil Peep Maximum Painful Tattoos And Their Meanings Lil Peep tattoos: The Well-known Rapper, singer, songwriter and file manufacturer Lil Peep, has died elderly 21, on November 15, 2017. Because of unintentional... Read more »

Lucy Thompson: Breast Cancer Survivors & Tattoos

Lucy Thompson Breast Most cancers Survivors & Tattoos 27-year-old tattooist Lucy Thompson based totally in at Skinflicted in Keighley, Yorkshire, has traveled to the United States to discover ways to create real looking three-d... Read more »