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Tattooed Ballerina: Alexis Lucena

24-year-old Alexis Lucena is a performer with Corporate XIV and recording artist from Lengthy Island, New York. We chatted to Lexxe about her performances, how her tattoos combine with ballet and her long run plans…

How lengthy have you ever been dancing and making a song? 
I believe on every occasion track used to be on I had the itch to transport to it from an excessively younger age. My mother put me into dance when I used to be about 3. I joined a certified academy when I used to be seven, stayed till graduating highschool, then went directly to get my BFA from the Acquire Conservatory. Making a song used to be at all times indulgent for me, and ballet took up all my time. I performed classical French horn for approximately 11 years in grade faculty. I taught myself guitar so I may sing alongside to Stevie Nicks. I believe I’ve at all times had a deep appreciation for track. After graduating faculty I felt like I used to be growing older and no longer doing precisely what I sought after. I noticed a live performance and all of it snapped into place- I known as up track buddies tomorrow and feature been making a song and writing ever since, this used to be in 2016.


How do you’re feeling whilst you’re acting? Appearing is such an out of this world enjoy for me. Rising up dancing to those stunning classical items and having the ability to embrace the track used to be bliss. There’s one thing about sharing that second with other people you hardly ever know, appearing them one thing they’ve by no means observed before- is magic to me. Once I’m making a song it’s much more thrilling, as it’s far more prone. I’m the usage of my voice as an software. I essentially sing authentic music- so on most sensible of the usage of my voice I’m the usage of my phrases and they’re ceaselessly deeply private. Just lately I stuck anyone making a song alongside who knew the lyrics and simply that one second will resonate with me for a very long time. I am getting the chills being attentive to excellent track, and acting to it. If I will be able to proportion that have with other people if just for a second then my lifestyles is entire.


Which do you’re keen on doing extra, making a song or dancing and why? It is a tricky query! If I had to make a choice, at the moment, it’s making a song. I’ve danced greater than part of my lifestyles, I’ve earned my 10,000 hours. It’s entire bliss, however these days I’ve been finding other portions of my voice, other tones. And it’s truly thrilling. This morning I simply were given again to NY after recording in Seattle. I’m running on my EP, and I’ve been in a studio all day on a regular basis for the previous couple days. I’m so pleased with the paintings I’m doing, I really like the entirety, particularly laborious rock, however I’m a pop famous person at center. I make track I will be able to dance to, and after I dance the track strikes me. It’s most commonly almost about that. And whats up, I’m a REAL dancer. You’ll be able to 100% be expecting me to throw down some choreography in my movies. No color. However I’d like to convey again some REAL dancing- Madonna, Kate Bush, Girl Gaga Paula Abdul sort dancing to the scene once more.


Are you able to let us know about your tattoos? I’ve at all times been desirous about tattoos. On my mother’s outdated pc there’s a secret folder of all conventional tattoos, that I deliberate on getting after I moved out and graduated. Once I became 18, I nonetheless sought after them however I used to be nonetheless en path to audition for broadway, the quantity of tattoos I sought after is just about unacceptable.

The previous two years I’ve met two number one artists that truly helped me form the artwork I’ve been in need of to have (Krista Olofsson and Jesús Arancibia). Virtually all of my tattoos (née- an excellent stick and poke achieved via fellow dancer and artist Krista Morgensen) are conventional. I will be able to recognize excellent realism, however to me I imagine that the most efficient tattoos are conventional. The ink sits higher, the distinction in opposition to the surface is aesthetically stunning – and truthfully the entire gothic reapers, roses skulls, are extra my specialty. I’m obsessive about Edgar Allen Poe and gothic literature. I’ve too many roses and I will be able to most probably no longer forestall getting them ever. I’ve cultivated my frame, adore it’s a portray and I find it irresistible extra on a regular basis.


What varieties of reactions do your tattoos get? First of all- after I confirmed as much as the school dorms with my first actual piece , I used to be met with surprise, however no longer wonder. Now a days, it took some being used to on my circle of relatives’s finish however I’ve been beautiful authorized. I believe it’s for the reason that high quality of my paintings is improbable. I waited to search out the fitting artists, and in flip I’ve paintings that I will be able to take a look at on a regular basis and fall in love with. My boyfriend is supportive and without a doubt helped to hyperlink me up with artists I had to meet. Presently I slightly have any colour, however I’ve a theme of black and this morbid blue as a spotlight on my arm that Krista began and it’s actually superb.

I have truly superior track popping out on Regulate Information with William Regulate (previously of Aiden). That’ll be out very quickly. With track I may tattoo no matter I would like and other people wouldn’t care. It’s totally other than the reactions I am getting after the displays with Corporate XIV. There’s without a doubt some glances from the older era, and it’s irritating as a result of I’m a certified artist- I don’t love to be no longer taken significantly. However on the finish of the day I really like my paintings and I’m pleased with it – that’s all that issues. My frame’s my temple and I hung a shit ton of superior artwork in it.


Have your tattoos ever stopped you from getting portions or helped you to? They haven’t as a result of I type of got rid of myself from that scene after I made up our minds it used to be time to be myself. I ended auditioning for broadway displays. I used to be requested after I tattooed my hand if I used to be certain, and I used to be. I need to are living my lifestyles as a person. I don’t have any plan b. I will be able to no longer paintings a role that doesn’t settle for me.

After understanding this, I despatched in my information for an organization I’d auditioned for 3 occasions earlier than. My dream corporate as a dancer – Corporate XIV. Would you imagine that at round 8pm this night I hit the degree for them for my 26th efficiency in their Cinderella? Austin the director is so open to tradition and other kinds of good looks. He’s cultivated an out of this world position for us to be ourselves. I requested him if I may dye part my head black and he used to be puzzled as to why I even requested – it’s that roughly reinforce I’ve at all times had to be the most efficient model of myself. I got here in with my hand tattoos and he used to be elated for me. I’m very blessed. One time I stayed house from an XIV audition my senior 12 months of school as a result of I used to be feeling down on my frame. If you must’ve informed that lady she’d be within the corporate years later- she would’ve laughed to your face. I virtually imagine changing into myself were given me my dream task. It’s some heavy stuff to consider.


How do tattoos and ballet combine? Tattoos an ballet at the moment, don’t truly combine. Even though now greater than ever I do see tattoos on skilled dancers extra ceaselessly. I will be able to 100% perceive the perception that this sort of classical artwork shape must possibly keep tattoo-less, however make-up in this day and age is simply too improbable to let that be a hinderance. It’s utterly lifelike to hide up some tattoos for degree, I’ve achieved it. However If I’m being truthful, I’m no longer certain how a lot I’d revel in a tattooed Odette in Swan Lake. Then again, I really like distinction. It’s a part of who I’m. This ballerina with a dismal aspect. I’ve at all times been extra of an Odile, the black swan- and truthfully she’d glance beautiful in poor health with some sleeves.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 20.10.00

Finger tattoos via Krista Olofsson

Do you might have any long run tattoo plans? I simply were given my hands achieved, they’re beautiful. I coincidentally have closely tattooed one aspect of my frame. It’s the aspect the place I’ve crimson hair. I virtually adore it, as a result of I’m a residing paradox, I’m closely contrasted.  I’ve at all times been drawn to the darker aspect of items. I’m very expressive. I plan on completing my arm. I’ve been itching to get some extra custom depictions of artists I really like. I’m having a look to get a Lily Munster Marilyn Manson mashup. I’m completely obsessive about Frankenhooker, she’s getting on right here someplace. Oh! And extra roses. Recently I’m no longer very considering tattooing my chest. I simply can’t see myself with it – possibly that’s the white swan in me.

Skilled footage from displays are via New York photographer Mark Shelby Perry

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