It takes me an hour and nearly twenty stale jokes from Satender, my buddy from Netarhat, to after all achieve Basiya’s house. It’s a lifeless morning right here at Netarhat. The Jungle along side its swaying bushes and fluttering shrubs is but to get up. Once in a while, a fowl chirps. I stay strolling up, debating with Saty (He loves it when any person calls him through this identify!) whether or not this can be a cuckoo or no longer. It kind of feels he’s extra focused on realizing about Salman Khan’s newest female friend than speaking about some dull fowl whose chirpings he has been listening all through his lifestyles! I stay hiking up as I’m right here in an effort to know the whole thing about tribal tattoos. A dilapidated development greets us. Saty is fast to coach me about it being a haunted position. I attempt to act intimidated, for the sake of him. He is aware of I’d no longer purchase this crap. ‘Inform me for those who in finding some tattooed ghosts, I would like to interview them,’ I tease him.


We stroll out of the Jungle and hit the street. For a religious non-vegetarian like me, the sight of hens fluttering right here and there’s a enjoyable one. Saty is fast to catch my longing eyes. ‘You gained’t be capable to catch them, they’re lightening rapid’. He cuts quick the delusion which has begun to titillate me. We stay transferring forward criss-crossing some tiny huts plastered with Dust, some ‘pakka’ properties  and small teams of tribal kids who seem to be taking part in Chor-Police in the market.


We’re heading against a village named ‘PASERIPAT’the place I’m advised that I’d in finding some details about ‘GODNA’. Saty is taking me to a girl named Basiya who, he thinks will be capable to quench my inquisitions. I’m thinking about this position, about assembly Basiya. The hens stay on fluttering alongside us. I nonetheless have an iota of hope last inside of me- a hope to catch no less than one among them!

It seems like simply every other space that we have got crossed. We at the moment are at Basiya’s position. She is sitting outdoor at the highway, fearless. Only a few vehicles and buses romp in this highway! She seems to be in her 50s. She assists in keeping on smiling as Saty tells him our objective of visiting her. She appears to be taken off the hook. I concern her refusing to speak. However she remains to be smiling.

She takes us in. ‘She says she does no longer glance excellent sufficient to be on digicam!’ Saty tells me. I’m mighty inspired with the Goat this is tied in her courtyard. It’s so blank out right here.

It’s a brand new enjoy for me. Chatting with her gained’t be that arduous as a result of she turns out to have were given a so-so command over Hindi.

Basiya smiles at me. I have no idea why. But it surely feels excellent. Her immaculate fingers are all scribbled. They name it ‘GODNA’ – a variant of tribal tattoos prevalent in massive portions of Bihar and Jharkhand.


ME – ‘Have you learnt that the sector outdoor is demise to have a hand like yours?

BASIYA – (She is well mannered sufficient to take a look at and discuss in Hindi) – is it? Babu, you spot, we’ve at all times been right here, in Jungle. We have no idea a lot concerning the global.

I understand my mistake. I must have by no means requested the query in the beginning position. Her simplicity is mocking at my mind.

ME – Your fingers glance excellent. what this can be a model image now.

BASIYA – (She assists in keeping on smiling often!)  I have no idea a lot about model. I were given it performed when I used to be very younger. I had long gone to the jungle to assemble some firewood and Khukhdi (They imply Mushroom once they say Khukhdi) when the GODNAWALIS did it.

ME – You were given it performed in a Jungle??!

BASIYA – Sure.

I’m amazed. What number of ten years previous in Delhi may also dream about getting a tattoo performed in a Jungle?

ME – Basiya Jee, Inform me how was once the enjoy?

BASIYA – It pained so much. They did it with nine small needles. It saved on paining for the following 8 days or so.

ME – What did they use for ‘GODNA’?

BASIYA – We use Kajal (Lamp Black), girls’s milk and burnt Coal. We make a paste of this stuff, beat them after which put them at the pores and skin after heating. The needles are used for scribbling the designs.

ME – Do other people opt for having a selected image for tattooing?

BASIYA – We don’t take care of the design a lot. It may be the rest starting from the identify of the individual or the identify of her husband to the replicas of TAJ MAHAL or the rest!

A Taj Mahal at the wrist of tribal girl miles clear of Agra! I would like to take a look at it for it will be no much less fascinating than the unique one.

ME – Did you inform them to attract one thing particular in your hand?

BASIYA – No. They simply did all of it through themselves.

She is guffawing. I feel that she feels I’m taking a look like a joker wearing a Black Nike boxer with a brown Crocs sandal!

ME – Why are you giggling?

BASIYA – My fingers are taking a look like some age previous dust and right here you’re clicking their image! It’s the primary time in my lifestyles that any individual has clicked my photograph.

ME – The arena will love you and the tattoo in your hand.

ME – Why do you other people get tattooed? Does it must do along with your tradition?

BASIYA – Sure. We’re ORAONS. An ORAON tribal lady’s purity is measured through the choice of GODNAs which can be performed on her frame. It’s mentioned that those GODNAs make certain us a cheerful and filthy rich lifestyles after dying.

ME – Folks again there in Delhi shell out 1000’s of Rupees for them simplest.

BASIYA – Delhi is a odd position. We don’t communicate cash right here. All we give the GODNA walis is a couple of pounds of Rice or Sugar as a token of our gratitude for them.

ME- Does the more youthful technology amongst your group is going for buying them performed?

BASIYA – No person likes it now. The children don’t need to have it. They are saying GODNA doesn’t glance ‘stylish’. So they don’t have it.

ME – I’ve heard someplace that most of the tribal people songs are in keeping with the theme of tribal tattoos. Are you able to please sing one for me?

BASIYA is now giggling hysterically. She can not take it extra. It hasn’t came about together with her prior to. She is giggling in the meantime her daughter fingers her a packet of FAIR AND LOVELY – a equity cream. The capitalists have no longer spared even this deficient family!  I will not wait to click on this odd irony!


ME – Have you learnt what it’s?

BASIYA – No. My elder daughter says it makes other people glow. It’s so pricey.

Colour has its personal worth! I want I may communicate extra about together with her about this however at this time I want to convince her to sing the ‘tattoo track’ for me. It takes me ten mins to persuade her to sing it for us.

Gore gore banhiya pe kale kale godana…..’ She sings it hesitatingly.  (A black tattoo is there on a white wrist!)


She is taking me along side her to fulfill Chariya, her buddy since her adolescence. She wishes a spouse to sing alongside.

Chariya is a closely constructed lady, with much more GODNAS performed round her frame than Basiya. She laughs greater than Basiya. In combination they snigger at the whole thing – at my questions, at their solutions, at my reaction, at my clicks! They begin chatting in ‘KUDUKH’, the language of the ORAON tribes. It’s not that i am getting even a unmarried phrase of them. I feel they’re giggling at me.


They’ve made up our minds to sing a track for me. They sing it and that too laughingly. But it surely sounds great, candy and interesting. The track is going like:











It’s not that i am too positive whether or not this track is anyplace nearer to tattoos. However taking a look at them, I think its highest to not interrupt them as a result of in combination Basiya and Chariya make a super pair – a tattooed duo they’re, the Divas from the Jungle!!!




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