Yoga on my Skin

Yoga On My Pores and pores and skin is a collective show curated thru Rossana Calbi and Giulia Piccioni, in collaboration with Parione9 Gallery, Rome. On Saturday 24th February Yoga On My Pores and pores and skin were given right here to its natural location: The Other Side of the Ink, the Roman convention dedicated to the art work of female tattoo artists.

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Spiritual stability comes from the experience of a comfy and clear state.

Yoga On my Pores and pores and skin is a challenge born from a collaboration between curators Rossana Calbi, Giulia Piccioni and Parione9 Gallery. The challenge traveled to amanei in Salina and reached Parione9 Gallery in Rome, a gallery that is always very occupied with tattoo art work.

Yoga is a sacred science. This can be a science because it bases its laws on particular affirmations on the human nature and universe, it is sacred because it represents the interior path of the individual to reach awareness of his private divine self.

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At some stage in this within path, there are asana, body positions in step with the yoga self-control. Asana are postures, and asana is the art work of using all the body with a physically, mental and religious attitude. The development of an asana is not changeable because of every asana is a piece of art work. Inside the Yoga Sutra, Maharishi Patanjali discussed that after an asana is totally carried out, there’s no duality between body and ideas, spirit and soul. Consistent with yogi T.Ok.V. Desikachar through yoga the ideas and senses are straight away hooked up to the consciousness and they aren’t perceived as separated or disorganized.

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The challenge consists of two asana for every chakra (from Sanskrit wheel or disc). The asana are determined on in step with the physically glance of the posture and the relevance of the precise chakra stimulation. There is not any asana for the seventh chakra because of no postures straight away stimulates it.

Yoga instructor and psychologist Giulia Piccioni embraced Rossana Calbi’s curatorial idea with the technical toughen of studio d’arte Candeloro to prepare an exhibition which may be a physically and mental experience.

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Artwork is thru Nicoz Balboa, Genziana Cocco, Cecilia De Laurentiis, Cecilia Granata, Marta Ierfone, Marta Messina, Roberta Kinney, Anita Rossi, Maria Grazia Tolino.

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