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Spirit of Art: Exploring Tattoos and Bartending

September 19, 2018 Giffard are a french emblem of liqueurs and syrups which are allotted all over the place the sector in cocktail bars, eating places and motels. Since 2015, Giffard were exploring the interlaced global of tattoo and mixology. They’ve introduced a ebook referred to as Spirit of Artwork showcasing …

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What are the long-term side effects of birth control?

How Long do Tattoos Take to Heal?

Hormonal methods of birth control are considered safe for most people. But is there a limit to how long you can safely use birth control? Some people take the birth control pill for much of their adult lives without a break. Others use long-term hormonal contraception devices, such as intrauterine …

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Mass hysteria: An epidemic of the mind?

Ankle Tattoos for Men and Women

An outbreak of fatal dancing fits among members of the same community, men suddenly gripped by the sickening fear of losing their genital organs, and teenagers having mysterious symptoms after watching an episode of their favorite TV series — these are all instances of what we often refer to as …

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Vitamin D: Recent research uncovers new benefits

As much of the world experiences a record-breaking heat wave, this Spotlight turns its attention to vitamin D, the so-called sunshine vitamin. Here, we inspect the latest research. Tropical sun The “sunshine vitamin” has a range of surprising benefits. Vitamin D is a hot topic currently, with a raft of …

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